Visiting Pakistan and everywhere I go,the message is the same: we are all with Malala. One million people from across the world have signed petitions run on and,in honor of Malala.Upon my arrival in Pakistan,I was greeted by Baela Jamil's presentation of 1 million additional Pakistani signatures calling for the right to education on behalf of a very active Pakistani civil society.We therefore have over two million people in total calling for every child to be in school on Malala Day. Their ambition continues as Pakistani civil society will soon add an additional one million signatures from out-of-school children demanding their right to an education through the One Million Signature Campaign to demand free and compulsory education.
 Others may have been too preoccupied with 538 and to focus on the hazards ahead. By Wednesday morning,however,they were staring into the fiscal abyss. In the grips of existentialist angst,investors decided to sell stocks and start stowing money under their mattresses. The Dow's Wednesday woes are entirely of our own making. Blame Obama. No,really. It's no secret that Wall Street investors were really eager to see one of their own,Mitt Romney,elected president,and to see President Obama turned out of office. After all,if you set aside the free money and the massive stock market gains,the Obama years had brought Wall Street nothing but trouble: vera bradley promo code more regulation,occasional demands that investment banks stop destroying the system,the threat of higher taxes,and occasional sideways glances and mean words.
"Courtney Love,on the other hand,emancipated herself at age 16,long before she gained fame as a rock star and actress. She worked as a stripper to pay the bills and was able to go to college only with a small trust fund left to her. (In an ironic twist,her daughter with the late Kurt Cobain,Frances Bean,legally emancipated herself from Love in 2011 with a large inheritance that allowed her to pursue a career as a model and artist.)For everyone who's not famous,Lemley points out that the general trend is in the U.S. has been for children to live with their parents farther into adulthood than ever before. Health-care reform has allowed young adults to stay on their parents' health-insurance coverage through age 26,an opportunity thousands have taken advantage of.
 Fear not! Mama Grizzly is here to enlighten the ignorant. She derides passages of the bill as "economic insanity" and warns of a coming deficit disaster driven by millions of amnesty-grabbing illegals gaining access to welfare benefits and other entitlements. Despite her fear and loathing of all things Washington,Palin goes so far as to cite the findings of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the legislation: "According to the CBO,the bill won’t stop illegal immigration,but it will drive down wages for average hardworking Americans. These would be the same blue-collar working class voters of every ethnicity who chose to sit home in 2012 instead of turning out to vote in the swing states we needed to carry in order to stop Barack Obama’s promised ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.
com,has highlighted several instances of what he sees as overreach by the company. One Texas man found his account frozen after he wrote "Seizing the day with baby Obama" to a friend,and an anti-immigration group was unable to get the word out about an anti-Obama protest it was holding. "All it takes is pretty much the click of a mouse,and a person’s reputation or livelihood is destroyed. Suspects in criminal trials have more rights than users on Facebook." Meanwhile,Newby noted,a page called "Kill Mitt Romney" was permitted to stay up for nearly two weeks,and a page called "I hate it when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive" stayed active long enough to attract 3,000 members.
 [The Daily Mail]Edun’s New Creative Brain: Danielle Sherman has been named creative director of Edun,reports WWD. Formerly design director of T by Alexander Wang and co-founder and design director of The Row,Sherman will replace Sharon Wauchob,who is leaving the label to work on her own eponymous collection. "Coming from her success with two well-respected brands, vera bradley sale Danielle brings her experience and strong design sensibility to Edun," Ali Hewson,who co-founded Edun with husband and U2 frontman Bono,told WWD. "Bono and I are impressed by her creativity and believe her unique approach and vision will help grow the brand." Sherman will assume her new post on Monday. [WWD]Why David Cameron's Tories Can't Veer Right PAUL ROGERS/AFP/Getty ImagesThese are dark and precarious times for David Cameron.
 There will be many predictions of the outcome based on Tuesday's and Wednesday's oral arguments,but if there's one thing to be learned from the court's landmark ruling on Obama's health care plan last summer,it's that deciphering the justices' reactions to arguments is an imperfect science at best.Brad Pitt Might Wear Man Spanx; Lena Dunham Doesn't Want a Victoria's Secret Model Body Anne-Christine Poujoulat/GettyBrad Pitt Might Wear Spanx: Providing today's hilarious fashion rumor,Star magazine is claiming that Brad Pitt is a fan of man Spanx. "A source says Brad has been sporting a girdle to control his pudgy midsection recently," the magazine wrote. "They minimize the bad and accent the good," the source continued.
Reappropriating the Classics Whether it’s George W. Bush smiling and waving as "Still the One" blares or Obama trying his best not to dance—you know he always wants to (who doesn’t?)—while "Signed,Sealed,Delivered" plays at his rallies,modern candidates can thank Franklin D. Roosevelt for the tradition of talking well-known songs and employing them to represent their campaigns. In 1932,FDR was the first president to choose a preexisting track for his campaign song,"Happy Days Are Here Again" from the musical Chasing Rainbows.Roosevelt’s choice was perfect,heralding a very clear,timely,and resonant message that reassured voters as the country was on the cusp of the Great Depression.
 "First of all,it's all false. Kim Kardashian has gained 65 pounds? That's not true. And if it was,it's something that many people deal with. It's not to be made fun of." Kim addressed her weight gain—and the way it's been talked about—in an interview with Extra's Maria Menounos earlier this week. "When your body changes so much,I don't think anyone will ever prepare you for what all the changes are,but once you grasp that and embrace it,it's amazing," she said. Of the tabloid covers,she seemed resigned. "There's maybe two or three covers this week that say I am 200 pounds," she said. "I'm like,‘You are 60 pounds off here' … It wouldn't even bother me if I gained all the weight. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love junk food.
 Shut up and keep away." To which another commenter replied: "What about the presidency engaging with a comic show?"The Embassy’s Twitter page disappeared briefly on Wednesday,but has since been restored—albeit without The Daily Show link. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland called the incident a "glitch." But a report from Foreign Policy,citing a State Department official,said that Anne Patterson,the U.S. ambassador to Egypt,had actually ordered the page’s closure herself,only to be pushed by officials in Washington "to put the page back up,lest it appear that the United States is caving to the online pressure."The Muslim Brotherhood—the powerful Islamist group that backs Morsi—has meanwhile continued to make an issue of the incident on its English-language account,@IkhwanWeb,repeatedly calling the post "inappropriate.
 The site,which expects to make $140 million in revenue this year,did not return requests for comment on its collaboration with Sabato,but he assures me that he "really clicked" with the company and will draw on "my background,from my days when I was single and dating" to answer user questions.Therein lies the problem: the more you listen to coaches like Sabato, the more they sound like astrologers,issuing broad,empty edicts that could apply to anyone and everyone. "Be yourself!" "Project confidence!" To the socially awkward,such advice can be a hindrance—it doesn't really mean anything. And as studies of online dating sites routinely show—and actual field experience confirms—men frequently exaggerate their income,age,and height and generously pad their résumés.

There will be many predictions of the outcome based on Tuesday's and Wednesday's oral arguments